ASUSTOR releases ADM 2.4 Beta version

Network storage solutions specialist ASUSTOR Inc. announces the release of the ASUSTOR Data Master (ADM) 2.4 beta version. ADM is the exclusive operating system for ASUSTOR NAS .

The new ADM 2.4 Beta from ASUSTOR follows the release of ADM 2.3 with the latest enhancements allowing users to experience newly optimised performance and enhanced core system functions.

The brand new shared folder encryption mechanism, one of the upgraded core functions, effectively increases data encryption speeds while properly releasing storage space previously occupied by already deleted files to slim down the capacity occupied by encrypted data. Support for the SSD Trim command is another newly added core function, which allows SSDs installed on the NAS to maintain stable read/write performance while simultaneously controlling the frequency of overwriting to specific blocks, extending the life of SSDs.

The new Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) provides a set of standards that allows managers on a single network management system (NMS) to collect information from all network equipment for convenient monitoring and maintenance.

Key features of ASUSTOR Data Master 2.4 beta version include support for SNMP v1, v2c, v3; trap setting to actively notify the NMS of significant events; upgraded Network Defender allowing users to configure a trusted list of IP addresses in addition to manually configuring black and white lists using the IP country or area of origin via the Geo IP expansion module; and new preview function in ADM File Explorer for users to preview video, audio and image files while browsing through the multimedia on their NAS.

Product Manager Vincent Tseng comments that ASUSTOR aims to provide its users with the most optimised operating system possible through the continual release of ADM upgrades.

The ADM 2.4 Beta is suitable for use on all ASUSTOR NAS devices and can be downloaded by all ASUSTOR NAS users.

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