Elemental Anylzers

Agilent/HP 7500 Series G1833A ICP-MS


Manufacturer: Agilent Technologies
Model: 7500
Condition: Excellent
Listing ID#:15129

Manufacturer: Agilent Technologies
Model: 7500
Condition: Excellent
Listing ID#:15129
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The Agilent/HP 7500 Series G1833A ICP- MS ( Agilent Technologies Hewlett Packard ICPMS ICP MS G1833 1833 ) is an inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICP- MS). It can measure trace elements as low as one part per trillion (ppt) or quickly scan more than 70 elements to determine the composition of an unknown sample. The MassHunter Workstation (or ChemStation) software automates the analysis and accurately interprets the resulting data                   . Specifications:
  • ICP
    • Solid State System
    • Frequency-27.12 MHz
    • PF power-1600 W (maximum)
    • Torch-Fassel Type
  • MS
    • Mass Filter-Hyperbolic Quadrupole Mass Filter
    • Frequency-about 3MHz
    • Mass Range-2 to 260 amu
    • Detector-Electron Multiplier
  • Vacuum System
    • 3 Stage Vacuum System
    • Pump-Rotary Pump, Turbomolecular Pump
  • Size
    • 1100(W) x 600 (D) x 650 (H) mm
    • about 175kg
System Includes:
  • Agilent 7500 G1833A
  • Agilent 7500 G3138A
  • Edwards E2M18
  • Neslab CFT-150 Refrigerated Chiller
  • Agilent Technologies ASX-500 Series ICP-MS Autosampler
  • PC and Software

Varian / Bruker 810 ICP-MS System with SPS3 Sample Preparation System


Manufacturer: Agilent Technologies
Model: 810
Condition: Excellent
Listing ID#:7766

This Varian ICP-MS System with SPS3 Sample Preparation System is in excellent condition.  The Varian 810-MS and 820-MS systems are compact, floor-mounted inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometers (ICP-MS) with full PC control of all instrument settings and compatible accessories. They feature patented 190 degree reflecting ion optics system for gigahertz sensitivity (1000 Mc/s/mg/L) and low background and interferences. The Varian ICP-MS systems include a sample introduction system, solid state 27 MHz RF generator, and patented 2 Turner Interlaced Coils. Full PC control of plasma positioning, triple stage vacuum system, all plasma gas flows, mass analyzer, and Discrete Dynode Electron Multiplier (DDEM) detector is also included. The vacuum system is fully contained within the instrument for the smallest instrument footprint. Unique DDEM detector provides nine decades of dynamic range in an all-digital pulse design. Fully web-integrated ICP-MS Expert software uses Varian’s worksheet concept for ease of use, rapid operator training, and commonality with other Varian, Inc. spectroscopy products. The Varian 820-MS system also features a unique Collision Reaction Interface (CRI) providing fast, flexible, interference-free analysis using simple collision and reaction gases. Varian is the innovator in atomic spectroscopy - from the company that developed the first components for atomic absorption spectrometers in the 1950's to the revolutionary Varian ICP-MS, the world's most sensitive ICP-MS. System includes SPS3 high-throughput autosampler, with fast X, Z, theta arm movement. System features include:
  • World's first ICP-MS with tunable gigahertz sensitivity, providing one thousand million counts per second for every part per million
  • Unique ion-mirror* that reflects analyte ions through 90 degrees while neutrals and photons pass through the hollow structure
  • Highest signal-to-background ratio available and the lowest detection limits
  • All-digital, extended range detector providing nine orders of linear dynamic range without digital to analog cross calibration
  • Reliable, easy-to-use detector offering linear performance from parts per trillion to hundreds of parts per million.
  • Integrity of highly sensitive environments is maintained with an optional Clean Room package.
  • Software providing one step optimization and method development.
  • Easy standard preparation: the ICP Expert software can instruct you on what solutions to make and how to make them
  • Compatibility with Varian's fastest ever autosampler, the SPS-3, and a dilutor to further extend linear dynamic range


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